I am spending the day at the concentration camp in Dachau, Germany. It is a sobering reminder of the capacity of people to subject other human beings to unspeakable horrors. Many of the displays feature graphic images of prisoners starved, tortured, and murdered at the camp.

Hundreds of people are making their way through the memorial today and I’ve not heard a single person object to the images. To this day, most German schoolchildren are required to visit a concentration camp as part of their curriculum. Why? To help ensure that such atrocities never happen again.

Life Legal represents pro-life advocates who have been harassed and who have faced lawsuits for using graphic images to communicate the barbarity of abortion. These advocates receive no small amount of criticism, often from other pro-lifers, for displays that include pictures or drawings of abortion. We were recently contacted by a teacher at a Catholic high school who is facing severe disciplinary action for showing an image of an aborted baby during a classroom presentation on eugenics and abortion. The teacher told the students about the photo in advance and discussed the material with them afterwards, but is still threatened with possible termination.

Yes, images of babies dismembered by abortion are distressing. But so are photographs of emaciated Holocaust victims. These images are intended to provoke us to protect precious human beings created in God’s image.

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