Health Care Civil Rights

Health Care Civil Rights Task Force Objectives

The objectives of the Health Care Civil Rights Task Force are twofold:


  • To provide non-legal advocacy, accompaniment, education, and assistance to those seeking ethical medical care.
  • To promote respect for the sanctity of life in medical decisions, including family visitation of patients, protection of parental rights in health care decisions.
  • To affirm the right to access religious sacraments and clergy of a patient’s choice during medical incidents and treatment, and for moral guidance in making health care decisions.
  • To inform patients and families about their rights and means of redress though education, bioethics consultations, demand letters where appropriate, and, if so required, to provide referrals for appropriate legal assistance or professional medical advice in which no compensation will be requested or accepted.


  • To educate the public about bioethical and health care civil rights issues.
  • To articulate a truthful health care narrative that protects religious freedom and the dignity of the human person from the first moment of conception until natural death.